These organizations provide support to refugees
in the Lansing area.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can help refugees in our community, please contact us! We can provide speakers, workshop leaders, volunteer opportunities, and more. Click on an agency name to learn more and to make a donation!

Global Institute of Lansing
Paula Feddor Frantz, Executive Director
GIL offers the opportunity for recent arrivals who have aged out of public schools to earn a high school diploma online.

Refugee Development Center
Erika Brown Binion, Executive Director
RDC provides a wide range of services and support for refugees beyond their first three months in the U.S.

Daniel Soza, Community Outreach Team Lead
Samaritas trains, supports, and matches foster families and other with unaccompanied youth who need temporary or longer term homes as they transition to life in Mid-Michigan

St. Vincent Catholic Charities Refugee Services
Judi Harris, Director
St. Vincent’s is THE refugee resettlement agency in Mid-Michigan that meets new arrivals to the U.S. and helps them through their first 3 months here.

Afghan Association of Michigan
AAM is working to support new arrivals from Afghanistan